Under Viking rule the rolling hills of Yorkshire are a dangerous place, particularly for women. Kidnapping, pillaging and infighting are rife. 
When Ralf, a Viking, discovers his Saxon wife and daughter have been kidnapped, he is quick to suspect Ivar the Boneless, King of Jorvik.

Ubba, Ivar’s brother, has already befriended Ralf, admiring him for making a life in a new country as a lone Dane. When it emerges, that Ivar is not responsible, Ubba assists Ralf on a mission to reclaim his family from slave traders.

Torri, wife of Ubba and fierce shieldmaiden, will bloody her hands to protect her sons, the Ragnarsson heirs, at any cost. The might of their bloodline is recognised the world over, with tales of blood eagles and berserking striking fear into hardened warriors… but the whispers of war are getting louder. 

Can Ubba the reluctant king put a stop to his volatile brother’s lust for power and destruction? Or will Ivar’s fits of rage and jealousy threaten everything they have fought for?

Viking Wolf